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Frank Sinatra - Somethin' Stupid Sheet Music

Frank Sinatra - Somethin' Stupid Sheet Music

  • Title: Somethin' Stupid
  • Key: E Major
  • By: Frank Sinatra 
  • Instruments: Piano solo 
  • Type: Sheet Music


🎼 This sheet music for "Somethin' Stupid" by Frank Sinatra is a must-have for any fan of the legendary crooner. 🎶


🎹 The sheet music is arranged for piano solo, making it perfect for solo performances, sing-alongs, or even for accompaniment during vocal performances. The key of E Major is used, which is consistent with the original recording of the song, ensuring that the music is faithful to the original composition.


🎵 The sheet music is designed for musicians of all skill levels, with a clear and easy-to-read notation that includes all the necessary markings and instructions for playing the song. The arrangement features the iconic melody and harmonies of the original recording, as well as the beautiful piano accompaniment that makes the song so unforgettable.


🎶 Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist, this sheet music for "Somethin' Stupid" is an excellent addition to your collection. It allows you to play and enjoy one of Frank Sinatra's most popular songs, and to experience the timeless magic and beauty of his music firsthand. So grab your piano and get ready to fall in love with this classic tune all over again!

Frank Sinatra - Somethin' Stupid Sheet Music


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